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Happy Holidays!

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Here are  some links to other Holiday Season Humor already on our site. These links open In a new window so you wont get lost.
Snow Man - picture
Familiar Unfamiliarity - story by Howler
NBA X-Mas - joke
Xmas Penis - joke
Santa's had enough - picture
Word Perfect - Gift from Secretarys
The Survivor - joke
Diary of a Snow Shoveler - joke

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Here at last, is the long awaited brand spankin new and much improved X-mas Funny Links Page. We have searched far and wide to bring you the best that this web has to offer in the way of Christmas Comedy, Winter Time and general Holiday Funny Stuff. We hope the selection pleases the palate.

The MENU to the left consists of X-mus Comedy that was on our site prior to making a page just for X-mas.

Below you will find links to stuff that is not on our site. All of these links as well will open in a new window just to keep you from losing this page.


Below you will find some of the Christmas Funnies we have encountered around the web.

An Oldie but a goody The Burger King guy Christmas Carol
A collection of Christmas cartoons by Off The Mark and Mark Parisi. A collection of x-mas cartoons by Doctor Fun
A lovely little parody of white Christmas with a Willie Nelson flair. Shake the Snow Globe for Winter Season Fun and excitement. The one and only Scary Snowman Prankster. Watch him and Laugh.
And Here is The YouTube Collection. Click the picture to see the Video. Click the first video and you can hit next through all the rest or hit M A I N link to be more selective from this page. Watch for 'Not For Kids' (NFK) classifications.
Yet Another White Trash X-Mas special. (NFK) Not for Kids Diddly Squat by Heywood Banks. The Classic 70's Coca Cola Christmas Commercial.
A Snuppet of Muppets Christmas Video Cash Cash Cash by Heywood Banks. The Christmas Time Hunter Commercial.
I'm Frosty by Heywood Banks. A nice lil Christmas story not sure by whom. A Jim Gaffigan take on the all Holidays.
Moses vs. Santa in Epic Rap Battles of History season 2, Go Snoop! The Mistletoe Kissing Prank. Will they or won't they. A Forget me Not commercial from Bud Light
The Scope Mouthwash Holiday Sweater Commercial. Some Christmas Gift ideas from  Daniel Tosh. (NFK) Not for Kids A Look at xmas through the eyes of sentient christmas trees. (NFK)

We Hope you have enjoyed the Christmas selection we have compiled and hope you return to check for updates. See Ya Next ear.


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