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Evelyn is still grappling with her decision to join AFB. She demands that she be brought into the group even further and get more hands on experience with the inner workings of AFB. Also, the origins of the AFB are revealed, and we see some interviews with other abductees.

EPISODE 4 - 18 Heads of Lettuce

Music by: Oneiroid Psychosis

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That Shit Could Really Happen!!! UFO's are everywhere! It happened in Roswell in Shag Harbor and in the bathroom at the Denny's near my house. Alien Abductions are real. Little Green Men are Becoming way to familiar with a bodies 'no no' spots. The Mayan Calendar didn't mention that did they? Men in Black chasing gray versions of E.T., with a not so happy little glowing finger. UFO classified Documents give evidence that sightings take place every day and some of them are not drug induced as I am told. And I hope that Government agents returned the unwanted favor during our alien autopsy. Probing the prober as it were. UFO news reports Extraterrestrial activity film and footage of an actual alien probe. It's not a soda and popcorn movie but not bad video. Let's hope Regressive Hypnosis therapy fails to reveal what happened to me I am trying to forget the fact that they never called for a second date.

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