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Funny Christmas Jokes and Stories - 3

Funny Holiday Season Jokes from around the internet. We collect Christmas Holiday Humor, Jokes, and Stories to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. Hope you enjoy the show.

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Festivity Levels

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Festivity Level One:
Your guests are sitting around chatting, nibbling the party food, sipping their drinks. They are admiring your Christmas tree ornaments and stand around the piano singing carols.

Festivity Level Two:
Your guests are talking loudly, occasionally to one another. They are wolfing down the food, gulping their drinks, rearranging your Christmas ornaments and sitting on the piano singing "I Gotta Be Me."

Festivity Level Three:
Your guests are holding conversations with inanimate objects, gulping other peoples' drinks, wolfing down Christmas ornaments and dancing around the piano shouting the words to "I Can't Get No Satisfaction".

Festivity Level Four:
Your guests, food smeared across their naked bodies, are capering around the burning Christmas tree in some unholy ritual. The piano is missing.


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