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Funny Pictures from around the internet. We collect Humorous Pictures and Funny Signs to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. We have original Funny Pics as well. We also give our own slant on nearly every Pic we post. Hope you enjoy the show. It's the best fun pics site in town or my name ain't Yo Mama.

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Microsoft humor computer humor

Microsoft and Computer Humor Pics

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 You will find other MS and Computer related humor sprinkled through our main funny pics pages but from now on I will be posting the stuff I receive here on this page. Enjoy the show Kids!

As You might be able to tell we have not updated this section since it was originally posted but we do intend to. We have a huge folder of stuff that is waiting to go here and hopefully we will get to that.

In the meanswhiles you might peruse some other section of our attempts at worthwhile humour.

After checking this picks out of course.

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