A merry Samhain, and All Hallows Eve to you all

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Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween for you and all your family.

Here are just a few Links to get you started. Time is running short of course but I wanted to have something on this page for anyone looking for a spot of humor.


The History Of Samhain

Thought I would start of with some educational material for those who are interested. Funny that the word Samhain is not recognized by my spellchecker.

And now for something completely Different.

The 2012 Halloween Light Show - Gangnam Style - And Another

And now for something completely Different.

A Field guide for the Zombie Apocalypse


Go see the eerie yet funny short film series known as Alien Face Bashers. Click Below.

A few more links to keep ya going.

Bag Of Poo Game

Something Artsy

Trick Or Treat Tax

Monster Mash

Jimmy Kimmel Experience

Michael Myers

Scary Pranks

Short Animation

Daphne's New Broom

Blue Moon

Creepy Pumpkin Song

Scary Pranks


Hand Gun Carving

Pumpkin Artistry

Time Lapse Carve

Best Of 2011

Pumpkin Decoration

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Hopin that made ya giggle just a little bittle. Thanks for taken the time to check it all out.

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