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This Picture Provided by Mel of

Much to Howler's dismay the remaining Spice Girl's have finally tracked him down. They will now be filing there 4 joint paternity suits against him in a court of law. Ex-Spice girl Ginger,  would not comment on the paternity suit only stating that she left the band to raise what she believes is "A Love Child". Howler is asking for donations to help out with the impending legal battle. "I was out of town them days," Howler stated. "Besides," he continued, "'Em babies don't even look like me!" Howler has been in contact with Ex-O.J.-attorney Johnny Cochran, in hopes that he can get Howler off (no pun intended). Johnny commented, "If the condom don't fit, they will acquit." Howler originally hired Marsha Clark for the defense but she has since filed  her own paternity suit.  -above photo by Mel

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