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In association with some moldy smelling guy by the gas station bathroom, who despite our urgings would not share his Ham and cheese sammich.
What kinda world is this when a moldy guy will not share a sammich?
By a gas station bathroom no less!

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*** Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of Mister Mitch's Funny Pictures Page. We are proud to be host to Mitch's special take on the funny picture genre here at AllFunPix. 
Mr. Mitch personally seeks out each picture from the world wide web, and adds his own special comedic touch to each.

*** The Mitch Likes to grab most of his pictures from Various news service sites. If you see something out there that you think he might want to alter then By all means E-mail Mitch and let him know.

*** Testimonial **** Your site just kicked my ass. I was using my laptop on the turlet and nearly fell off laughin'. In fact, that Mitch's page cleared up a clogged bowl (Does he mean the turlet bowl, or a clogged bowel?) that's been ailin' me for a week. God bless the Naptown Nomads. -- Sincerely, Snidley Overcup

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"This is the everlovin' Mitch! I hope you enjoy these little pictures I have created in my spare time. If you happen to become offended then I have attained my goal." -- Mitch

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