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Funny Thanksgiving Jokes and Stories - PG 4

From our Collection of Thanksgiving Humor. We have collected these Thanks Giving Jokes and Thanksgiving Holiday stories to amuse you on this lovely day. Hope you enjoy the show. All the best thanksgiving Jokes.

Happy Thanks Giving Everybody!

Thanksgiving Overdone

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How Do You Know You Went Too Far This Thanksgiving:

- You have grease stains on your butt - but you never sat down.

- Your post-dinner moans brought Dr. Kevorkian’s van to your door.

- You kind of suspect the amount of potatoes you used might have started a brand new potato famine, this time in Idaho.

- You ask your wife if you have the Jaws of Life at home when you need to get off the couch.

- You went for a blood test the week after and the only thing the nurse could draw from your arm was slightly darker gravy.

- The steering wheel is starting to get uncomfortably personal.

- The dog eyes you with new respect.

- While you were taking a nap after food, somebody quietly put a large plastic sheet under you, and a few dozen sandbags around you.


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