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Funny Thanksgiving Jokes and Stories - PG 4

From our Collection of Thanksgiving Humor. We have collected these Thanks Giving Jokes and Thanksgiving Holiday stories to amuse you on this lovely day. Hope you enjoy the show. All the best thanksgiving Jokes.

Happy Thanks Giving Everybody!

Thanksgiving Turkey Guts

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Fred and Ida had a long oving marriage, with just one problem - Fred was overly amused by his own flatulance and frequently annoyed Ida before bed.

Ida complained for years, in vain. "One day, you'll spill your guts out, you mark my words!" She always said.

One Thanksgiving morning, gutting the turkey, she had a stroke of genius. She took all the turkey's guts and quietly slipped them under Fred's covers as he slept. "That'll teach him!" she thought with satisfaction.

She was starting to worry when Fred was later then usual coming down from bed. When he finally came down he was wearing a rather strange expression on his face.

"You were right about the farting, Ida," he panted, "I'm ashamed to admit that I did finally fart my guts out. But with the help of our Lord and these two fingers, all is right again!"


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