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Funny Pictures from around the internet. We've collected Funny Thanksgiving Videos from around the Web, to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. Hope you enjoy the Humorous side of Thanksgiving Videos and hope you come back for more. Dont be afraid to Share our stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!
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Funny Thanksgiving Video Link WKRP's Famous Turkey Giveaway.
"As god is my witness,,, I thought turkeys could fly."
That Twerking Turkey
It Burns the retinas to look at it. WHy don't I stop?

Funny Thanksgiving Video Link
Funny Thanksgiving Video Link Struggling with Big Bird
I do not think it is supposed to be this diffecult.

Best Thanksgiving Moments
A Selection by Andrea from The Hot Mess

Funny Thanksgiving Video Link
Funny Thanksgiving Video Link You Cain't Stuff This.
Is it really Hammer time again. I guess it is.
Thanksgiving Pranks
Turkey Prank Call by Ownage Prank Calls

Funny Thanksgiving Video Link
Funny Thanksgiving Video Link Stuff You All Over
Can't decide of this is about cooking or a sick fantasy.

Thanksgiving Special
Charlie and that Nutty Pea Gang are at it again.

Funny Thanksgiving Video Link
Funny Thanksgiving Video Link Thanksgiving Cat Video
I have to put something here Old Ladies will enjoy.

A Donnie Baker T-Day
Indy Lovcal hero Gives you the Nine Elevan on thanksgiving.
Funny Thanksgiving Video Link
Funny Thanksgiving Video Link I Will Survive
This lovely Turkey Diva won't be going out easy.

Laugh Again with Gaffigan
Jim's take on thanksgiving is worth the looksy.

Funny Thanksgiving Video Link

Them there be our first batch of Thanksgiving Funny videos. We are already prepping to post our next batch so be sure to check back soon.

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