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Funny Pictures from around the internet. We collect Humorous Pictures and Funny Signs to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. We have original Funny Pics as well. We also give our own slant on nearly every Pic we post. Hope you enjoy the show. It's the best fun pics site in town or my name ain't Yo Mama.

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Thanks Giving Fun Vids

Some Jokes
* Red Neck T-Day
* Turkeys Lament
* T-day Prank
* Turkey Talk
* Turkey Shopping
* Overdid Thanksgiving 
* Out Of Thanksgiving  
Thanksgiving Eve 
* Thanksgiving Jokes 
* Thanksgiving Turkey
* Giving Thanks
* Liven Up The Feast
* Weather Forcast
* Pilgram Interrupters
* Thanksgiving Cooking
* Top Ten List
* Martha Stewart

Other Stuff
* Picture To Color
* Thanksgiving Links

* Thanksgiving Day E-Cards

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We would like to share with you some of the funnier thanksgiving material we have found. We are scouring the internet to bring you the best in Thanksgiving comedy. We hope you enjoy the selection of videos we have gathered for your, um, enjoyment. More will be coming in the future of course.

Here is one to get you started.

Commercial - A woman struggles with a very large bird.


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