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Wishing all of you a safe and chafing free Valentines Day

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Valentine's Day Funny Videos and Links Page
When we set out to build this page we had no Idea that there were so few Valentine Humor web pages in existence. We found that most valentine humor sites contained the same 5 to 6 jokes. We felt we should do more for you our honored jest.

All of the links below will open in another window. Hope something you see makes you chuckle.

Valentine Cartoons - Um we only got one so far.

[ OFF THE MARKThis place has  a number of valentines day cartoons.

Valentine Funny Videos - A trip to the tube of you
. In our searches we thought Why not go find amusing videos about valentimes day just to see what is out there. After sitting through a lot of bad videos we did find a few that were noteworthy. We am, or are rather, sure this list will grow as time progresses.

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Here are a few original bits written by Our Own Howler and some other things of a romantic nature from
They will all open up in a new window so you do not lose your way on the internet.

[ My First Kiss ]  [ Professions Of Love ]  [ Sensitive Guyz ]
[ Cybersex Gone Wrong 1 ] [ Cybersex Gone Wrong 2 ]
[ Bad Pick Up Lines ] Oddball Consortium [ Waxing Poetic ] Author Unknown [ Bad Internet Pick Up Lines ] Oddball Consortium
[ Odd Things To Say During Sex ] Oddball Consortium [ Auto Erotic Chat ] Oddball Consortium

The rest of what we found will be posted as links that will open in their own window. Click the image or the words.
--[ Funny Valentines Day Cards ]--
A collection of humorous cards in a slideshow. be ready to pause the vid to read the card.
--[ Valentines Does and Don'ts ]--
A valentine take by some one named Pete Wentz's
--[ Valentines Day Don'ts ]--
Some whole other dudes V-day list of don'ts
--[ Surviving Valentines Day ]--
A valentines day video Log
--[ Funny Valentines Day Cartoon ]--
Amusing lil cartoon all about the v-day
--[ Valentines Day Sucks ]--
A lovely heart felt Valentines day song.
--[ Valentines Day Commercial ]--
How to destroy the magic of valentines day.
--[ Funny Valentines Day Video ]--
Another mans take on why this holiday blows.
--[ Valentines Day Commercial ]--
Euro Commercials are so much more entertaining.
--[ Valentines Day Still Sucks ]--
A brand new look at from J. Chris Newberg.
--[ Valentines Day Commercial ]--
Yet another Euro Commercial for your enjoyment.
--[ Valentines Day Commercial ]--
Lovely Valentine Bear, er, um, Beer Commercial
--[ Valentines Day Questions ]--
Real Time with Bill Maher Valentine's Day
--[ Misery Bear: Valentine's Day ]--
He is soft huggable and depressed. Happy V-Day
And that will about do it for the links for this year. We will try and update it if we find something really worthy. Hope you had fun.

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